Zapakhost Professional Server Security Services

“By default, most OS or Hosting Panel installed servers are not conceived for a more secure operating environment. Only by implementing advanced security measures server integrity could be fully accomplished”

Our Security check list comprises of basic to advanced measures that will ensure your server uptime and data. We try to follow up the most up-to-date and professional security services that resist attacks from common threats, malwares, spywares, hackers or viruses. Rather exposing your servers to attackers , Please Sign up for our Server security management services and drive your hosting business towards growth.This is a one-time support service and for future related assistance you need to have a server management plan with us.

Zapakhost All-In-One Server Protection

Zapakhost for Server delivers protection that is top-rated by industry experts, combining server-specific features to create a comprehensive, defense-in-depth solution

Stop Unknown Threats

Deep-learning technology is an advanced form of machine learning that detects malware even when it has never been seen before.

Block Server Exploits

Exploit techniques are commonly used to break into organizations’ servers. Zapakhost for Server uses exploit prevention to stop these dangerous attacks.

Don’t Get Held to Ransom

Anti-ransomware protection stops ransomware from encrypting your server files and rolls them back to a safe state

Deny Hackers

Stop real-world hacking techniques used for credential harvesting, lateral movement, and privilege escalation.

Exploits Explained: Comprehensive Exploit Prevention

Exploits are commonly used in cyber attacks: upwards of 90% of reported data breaches involve an exploit at one or more points in the attack chain. Including exploit prevention as part of a comprehensive lineup of security defenses is clearly valuable.

Almost every major security vendor can claim some level of exploit prevention. However, the breadth and depth of that protection varies significantly between vendors. For some, it’s a box to tick; for others, it’s a major focal point.